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Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly review our most frequently asked questions, if you cant find accurate answers to your curiosity, please contact us, we reply within 24 hours.

What’s Your Store Opening and Closing Time?

The stores open by 8:30am and close by 9pm, Monday to Saturdays. Opens by 9am and closes by 9pm on Sundays

Can I Return Items?

At the point of checking out, we encourage our customers to thoroughly check the products packed for them before leaving the store. If they find an incorrect or damaged item (error or damage that has been caused by us), we will happily replace the item at no additional cost to the customer. Once customers leave our store with the items bought, they take ownership of the items and grocery bazaar will be unable to accept any returns if the items are damaged by the customer.

Do You Operate Loyalty Schemes?

Yes, we operate loyalty schemes where customers earn points whenever they make purchases at grocery bazaar. Customers are given loyalty cards to participate in this scheme. The points earned as a result of regular purchases can be used to make payments for items bought in any of our stores

Can I Convert My Loyalty Points To Cash?

No, you cannot convert your loyalty points to cash. You can only use the earned points to make payments for items bought in any of our stores

Do You Sell Electronics?

At the moment, we sell only basic household appliances and not high-end electronics. However, in some of our stores we collocate with our tenants that sells electronics

Do You Sell Phones and Phone Accessories?

At the moment, we do not sell phones. However, in some of our stores we collocate with our tenants that sells phones and phone accessories

How Can I Be Your Supplier?

We are very flexible onboarding suppliers, and so the requirements for becoming one of our suppliers is very simple. 1. You must have a registered business. 2. You must have a saleable product of top quality. 3. The product must be registered with NAFDAC

What happens When Debited Twice For A Single Transaction?

We do not have control over POS terminals or POS transactions. If customers are debited for transactions they did not get value for, they should wait for 24 hours for the funds to be reversed. If the money is not reversed after 24 hours, customers should please go their banks to make complaints. It is possible that the money is hanging between the customer’s bank and Interswitch (the POS providers). The customer’s bank is the only place such nature of transaction can be resolved. It’s the bank that can trace and actually know where the money is hanging, and then initiate the process of retraction of funds back to the customer’s account

Do You Do Deliveries?

We do deliveries, but not on a full scale yet. The places we deliver to, at the moment, are within certain radius of our physical stores. Click here to see our list of stores

Do You Have Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we have gift vouchers and they come in different denominations. Gift vouchers are purchased by organizations or private individuals to be gifted as gifts to staff, loved ones, families and friends or anyone as the need may be. These gift vouchers can be used to make payments for purchases at any of our stores. However, grocery bazaar will not be liable for any missing or stolen gift vouchers

Can One Place Order For Your Products Online?

For now, you cannot order for products directly on our website. We are building our ecommerce website to accommodate this service though. This will be unveiled very soon. However, you can place you orders via our dedicated WhatsApp ordering line and pick up your orders at any of our stores close to you. This way, you avoid the stress of queuing up to buy items